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About Central Park Bicylcles in NYC
We are Lic. NYC Sightseeing Guides and Lic. Pedicab Drivers, working in Central Park, NYC since 2007 

We are specialized in Central Park Sightseeing Tours by Bicycles and Pedicabs. Each tour features a well designed itineraries so you can enjoy your Central Park visit at the fullest, whether you are in a Bike tour or in a Scenery Pedicab tour ride, whether is a private, small group or large group, we know how to handle it, we consider each tour to be fun and memorable!
All tours  are customized tours, but we are eager, flexible, and daring to show you always more. 
(We offer a Full Tour Service)

Central Park Bicycles, NYC

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More Info. Call us at +1 (212) 722-2626
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