FAQ's - Central Park Bicycles NYC

FAQ's - Central Park Bicycles, NYC

About us, who we are?
We are Central Park Bike Tours specialized in guided tours by bicycles and Pedicabs trough out Central Park in New York City, since 2007.

Can we reserve our tour On-line?
Sure, it’s the best way..!
We really suggest to do everything online, because It's quick, easy, and secure.
Besides that, you will also save time and money, we are a NYC Bike Pedicab Co. specialized in Central Park Tours.
your satisfaction is our goal!
  On-line Rates Discounted up to 50% OFF. Book Now! 

How old do I have to be to be able to rent a bicycle?
You must be over 18 years of age. If you are younger than 18, must be accompanied by parents or an adult person

How can we find out which tour is more suitable for us?
Central Park Tours options:
2-hrs Central Park Bike Tour covers the park from 58th st to 96th st

3-hrs Bike Tour covers simple The Entire Park.

(1-hr) Central  Park Pedicab Tour, covers the park  from 58th st to 72nd  st
(All features from the southern part of the park to the middle area)

(2-hrs) Central Park Pedicab Tour, covers the Park from 58th st to 90th St 
(All Central Park features approx. 3/4 of the entire Park, big loop)
3-hrs Central Park Tours by Pedicabs, covers The Entire Park

Can we combine a Central Park Bicycles Tour and Pedicab Tour?
Yes, we can combine Central Park Bicycle Tour and Central Park Pedicab Tour at the same time, starting, and going together. The tour guide will customized the tour for the entire group. For more info. please contact us.
Email us: 212bike@gmail.com
or  Call us +1 (212) 369-1320

Do you do Tours in Spanish?  Podemos Hacer Our Tour en Español?
Yes, Central Park Bike Tours and Pedicab Tours are Available in multiple Languages: English, Spanish & French
Please choose optional Language in Booking.

What is a Pedicab & What is like to ride in a Pedicab ?
Pedicabs are environmentally friendly tricycles powered by the driver's legs.
Pedi-cab =Pedal-cab
Riden a Pedicab in Central Park is the most unique and memorable sightseeing experience things to do in NYC.

How many people fit a single Pedicab?
A single Pedicab can carry up to 3 adults or 2 adults and up 2 kids under 8 years old.
 ( Pedicab has a limited of 3 adults max.)

How long it takes a Pedicab Tour?
The 1hr Pedicab Rickshaw tour is approximately 1hr 10 minutes and covers the middle and southern part of central Park from 58th St to 77th St, having 2 to 3 short stops in the main features of Central Park, the stops are just for short walks, stretching, and having your pictures taken, you will be on the pedicab most of the time for a comfort.

The 2hrs Pedicab Rickshaw tour is approx. 2hrs 10min and covers Central Park from 58th St to 95th st, is the big loop of our tours, the whole tour is well disigned to capture all the features of Central Park, having several stops along  the way, all stops are optional but others are suggested.

Can I customize my tour, let’s say for example, I just want see The Belvedere Castle?
Totally, we go straight ahead.

Can We have a Pedicab Tour early morning like 7 AM or 8 AM?
we do early tours on demand, our earliest tour start at 7 AM with an advance reservation contact us for reservations and book your tour.

E-mail: 212bike@gmail.com 

call at +1 (212) 369-1320 

Can I customize my tour, let’s say for example, I'd like to finished my tour in either these two museums Metropolitan Museum of Art y/o Museum of Natural History?
Yes, we still show you the park and finishing the tour at the Museum of your choice.

Do you offer a Private Bicycle tour. How do I make a reservation?
Yes, we do offer 2 hrs Central Park Bike Tours for small or large group.
You can make an advance Reservation On-line, Central Park Bike Tours are available at anytime for your convenience.

How many people are minimum required for the Bicycle Tour?
We need at least 3 attendees to start and go for the Bicycle Tour.

What happens if there is not a minimum attendees for the Tour?
The tour will be cancel, you will be notified immediately a day in advance, and you will receive a full refund.

We are a big group. Do we stay together during the tour?
Yes, no matter how big the group is we always go together, for groups bigger than 15 people and with children we also reinforce the tours with an Extra Bike guide. 

We have kids in our group. Do you have children bikes?
Yes, we do.
We also offer additionally Children safe carrier seats.

Do you offer discounts for larger groups?
Yes, we do have discount for groups larger than 12+, feel free to call us or e-mail for more information.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Cyclists under age 13 must wear a helmet while riding one of our bicycles.

How should I wear if I take a Central Park Bike Tour?
You should come comfortably to pedal for all Bike Tours, basically wear a comfortably shoes, and comfortable seasonally appropriate clothes. 
 Please come ready for the tours, I want to point out that we don’t offer locker room so you are not able to leave luggage’s or big bags in the store.

What to wear for winter Cycling?
When riding a bike in winter, your hands and feet are always the first to get cold. So, protecting just these vulnerable extremities can make your whole body feel warmer and have a pleasant biking  experience.
We recommend closed footwear and gloves are always a good idea.
* Please ...avoid sandals for all cycling at any season.

When do I need to arrive for my tour?
We advise to arrive 10 minutes prior to your tour start time; 15 minutes before prior the tour if you have booked children.

What if my bike gets stolen or damaged?
We've never lost a bike in a tours or during the tours, period.
However, if you are renting the bike is under your responsibility if the bike gets damaged for misused, or get stolen. All damaged or stolen equipment must be paid for out-of-your pocket, for losing the bike there is a flat rate of $ 300. ( It happens 'Once in a blue moon,' to prevent that we always provide a Bike Lock for all Bike rental)

I did not bike for a while? How is the terrain of Central Park for Biking?
Central Park has an easy and friendly terrain for biking, offering both hilly and flat terrain, Central Park provides cyclists with varying levels of difficulty. Circling the entire Park, the drives provide three long-distance routes of 6.1 miles, 4.2 miles or 2.5 miles. There are shorter distances if you cross the Park at a number of scenic locations.

What happen if it rains or we couldn't come due to some reason?
What should we do?
If it rains the tour will be reschedule, just give us a call or email us. And if you are unable to come for another reasons please call us or email at least 12 hrs before, we will refund your payment, thanks.

Do you speak Spanish?  Hablam  Espa~ol ?
Yes, we speak Spanish, and we have a team that speak other languages too like Italian, Portuguese, and french.

Are the Tips included in the Price?
No, any tips will be greatly appreciated by your Tour Guide.